Keep healthy by finding the most relaxing place to live

It is common knowledge the fact that one of the  best ways to be healthy is to live in a calm, relaxing environment. Therefore, finding your little peaceful corner may help you a lot.

Lisa_Miller  in The Huffington Post site identifies the most relaxing places on earth.

In Honor Of National Relaxation Day, Here Are Some Of The Most Relaxing Places On Earth

Some days you just need to sit back and enjoy some beautiful scenery.

Today is that day. Friday (August 15) is National Relaxation Day; in honor of that joyous occasion, here are 15 stunning spots you should visit to recharge and detox from everyday life.

Whether it’s an oceanfront beach, a sparkling lake or a tranquil mountain, these spots will leave you feeling totally refreshed.Find the places here

The same site – Huffington Post – makes a list of ten most relaxing cities from The USA.They say these cities are suitable for the retired individuals. Of course, they can be fitted for everybody because they really provide a peaceful way of living.

Best Places To Retire: 10 Most Relaxing U.S. Cities To Enjoy Your Golden Years (PHOTOS)

When deciding where to spend your golden years, there are many factors to consider, from cost of living and employment opportunities to crime rate and climate. But if you’re looking for a tranquil, stress-free retirement, arguably one of the most important considerations is how relaxing the community is. Find out more

The following video is showing other wonderful relaxing places everybody wants to visit at least once a year.

To end up, we can say that everybody needs to find a place of their own, a place where they can feel relaxed and serene. Downtown Seattle Neighborhood is definitely one of these peaceful, quiet places


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